by Jeff Schreve

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The Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit (5 of 9)
Series: The Unknown God, Discovering the Person and the Power of the Holy Spirit
Jeff Schreve
Matthew 12:22-32

A photographer was called by his editor. He worked for a magazine. He was called by the editor and said, ''I want you to cover this fire. There's a big wilderness fire. I need you to get out there and take pictures of the fire.'' So the guy jumped in his car with all his gear, drove out to where the fire was. And when he got there, he decided it was too smoky. He couldn't really get any good shots. And so he calls his editor, and said, ''Man, this thing is just going crazy, and I can't get close enough to it to get any good shots.'' And he said, ''I need to get up top. I need to get in an airplane.'' And so the editor said, ''Listen. There's an airstrip about 45 minutes from you.'' He said, ''You get yourself there. I'll have a plane ready to go.'' And so the guy jumps in his car, the photographer. He drives to the airstrip. It's about 45 minutes later. And he gets there, and sure enough, there was a Cessna there on the tarmac just waiting to go. And so he jumps into the plane. The pilot's there. He jumps in the plane with all his stuff, and he tells the pilot, ''Let's go!'' And so the pilot goes down the runway, gets the plane up in the air. And as they're leveling off in the air, the photographer says to me, says, ''Now listen.'' He says, ''I need you to make a couple of low passes right by the fire.'' And the guy looks at him, and he says, ''You want me to do what?'' He says, ''I need you to make a couple of low passes right by the fire there.'' He says, ''Well, why in the world would you want me to do that?'' He said, ''Well, because I'm a photographer and I need to take some shots. That's what I do. I am the photographer.'' And the guy looked at him, and he said, ''So you're not the flight instructor?'' (laughter) There was confusion in the cockpit (laughter). Confusion can cause lots of problems.

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