by Jeff Schreve

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The Gifts of the Spirit (7 of 9)
Series: The Unknown God, Discovering the Person and the Power of the Holy Spirit
Jeff Schreve
1 Corinthians 12:1-11

May 31 is a very important date on the calendar in my family. May 31 was the date when Debbie was born. I'm not going to tell you the year because she might get upset. But May 31 that's her birthday. And before we got married, Debbie told me how important gifts were to her, which I really appreciated. Gifts are not my thing, and so I need help with gifts. And she just sat down with me one day before we were married, and she said, ''I need you to know something.'' She said, ''I always need a gift.'' She was just being up front. She said, ''Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, anniversary, Columbus Day, I need a gift'' (laughter). And so she said, ''And if I ever tell you, 'That's okay, don't get me a gift,' you still get me a gift.'' You know gifts are important. One of her love languages is gifts. And giving gifts, she's very good at that, and receiving gifts. And you know for Debbie it's not the amount that I spend on the gift, although sometimes that's nice, but it's the thoughtfulness of the gift. She knows that if I will give her a gift that I have thought about, that I have watched how she, maybe at the store, reacted about this or that or the other, and I make a mental note, she likes it, and then I end up getting that for her later on down the road for Columbus Day, then she is so excited about that. She said, ''Oh, that means so much to me. You remembered that I said that, you were thoughtful in that gift.''

Now the greatest gift giver in the universe is God. ''For God so loved that He gave His only begotten Son...'' He so loved the world. God is the greatest giver. And giving is an expression of love. See, God can't help but give because He loves. And God gives the greatest gift in that He gave His Son to die for us on the cross. And then, not only does God give us His Son to die for us on the cross ...

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