by Jeff Schreve

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It's Time to Shine (9 of 9)
Series: The Unknown God, Discovering the Person and the Power of the Holy Spirit
Jeff Schreve
Acts 1:4-8

I learned early on in my marriage, really in my dating, that the girl that had captured my heart, she loved lighthouses. It was just kind of her little thing was lighthouses. You know some people, they decorate their kitchen. I found this out. You know, as a guy, you're getting ready to get married, you find out how women think. And some women, they like chickens, and they decorate in chickens. It's like, what's up with that? And some like this or that. My daughter Jill loves owls. And, well, Debbie loves lighthouses. And so it would be like, ''For Christmas, what can I get you?'' ''Well, I like lighthouses.'' So we had a lot of lighthouse calendars. And they have lighthouse figurines and things like this. Lighthouses are pretty cool. You know that's why they make calendars out of them, and that's why they have coffee table books and things like that of lighthouses. Here are some pictures of lighthouses: And you look at that and think, Man that is really picturesque.

And there's another one in Maine. That's just gorgeous. And then, I think we have one in Canada.

So those make for beautiful pictures, really good for calendars and things like that. And the builders of a lighthouse, when they're making the thing, the main purpose of a lighthouse is not to be beautiful and end up on a calendar. It's to work. It's to shine light. So functionality is paramount with a lighthouse. Can you imagine some lighthouse builder, building a beautiful lighthouse and then they say, ''Wow, this looks so cool.'' He said, ''Yeah, there's one problem with it. It doesn't light.'' Well, that would be like, ''Why did you build it, then?'' ''Well, because it looks good on a calendar.'' You know because they don't show them at night. They just show them during the day. Well, the purpose of a lighthouse is to shine a guiding light out in the darkness ...

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