by Stan Coffey

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Courage in the midst of Difficulty (2 of 52)
Series: Book of Revelation
Stan Coffey
Revelation 1:4-8

Alright. Well, let's go to the Lord in prayer as we begin today. Father, we thank you for this nondenominational Bible study and for every person who is here. And Lord, we have not come to promote denominations or churches, but we've come to study the Word of God. And we pray that you will bless us in a special way this morning. We pray, Father, that you'll illuminate our hearts and minds, and that the Holy Spirit would be given control of everything that I do and say. Father, I ask this in Jesus's name, amen.

If you'll take your Bible, we want to begin our second lesson in Revelation 1. And today we're looking at courage in the midst of difficulty. And we're going to cover three or four verses in chapter 1.

We began last week and talked about the first three verses under the topic, ''Why Study The Revelation?'' That is a good question. Because there are some who say this book is too difficult; it wasn't meant to be understood. It's a closed book; you can't understand it. But there are some very good reasons for studying the book of Revelation, and we looked at four of these reasons last week - first, because of the prophecy in the book. And we pointed out that we're going to look at Revelation not just from a historical view, but we're going to look at Revelation from a prophetic perspective. And we're going to take current events, things that are happening now, and we're going to compare those current events to what we find in this book. And I think it will shed a light on what God is doing in our world. So that is an excellent reason to study Revelation.

And then we said secondly we should study this book because there's a special promise to be received. And if you'll look in Revelation 1:3, the Bible gives a special blessing for those who read and those who hear, those who obey the words of this prophecy. We are claiming as we study not only in ...

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