by Robert Walker

Possible Faith During Impossible Times
Robert Walker
Hebrews 12

The book of Hebrews was written to a church that was getting old and was settling into the world and losing its wartime mentality and starting to drift through life without focus, without vigilance, and without energy.

Their hands were growing weak, their knees were feeble. It was just easier to meander in the crowd of life than to run the marathon.

The book of Hebrews is a very mature and sober book when it comes to the pain and stress of Christian living and the endurance that it takes to run the race and fight the fight and finish well.

In reality look at the Middle East our society today is not much different because in many ways we can identified with the term impossible times.

We experience the same feelings. We respond to the same dynamics. We confront the same conflicts. We wonder how am I going to handle the fatigue of my day.

On my right I'm trying to keep a career going and make more money because I need it desperately . On my left I'm trying to run a house reared my children with my heard and heart I'm trying to serve the Lord.

I am trying to keep it all together. As one person said this abundant life is killing me. How do I make it work? It seems like I get so close and yet I'm so far. I'm so near and yet I'm so distant.

As one person said I think my whole life is a living nightmare. And you talk about possible faith for an impossible time.

But you know in the midst of impossible times the wonderful things about the Bible is it tells us we can have a possible faith. And this was the message God was giving to the Hebrews.

This was the message of Hebrews 12 that they could have a possible faith Even in the midst of all kinds of chaos.

First of all He said to them there hast to be a Context of faith in Hebrews 12:1. You are surrounded by a great cloud of witness.

Secondly he sets for them the Conditions of faith. He says you have got to throw off al ...

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