by Jeff Strite

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The God of Gold (4 of 4)
Series: The Guard Rails of Life
Jeff Strite
Matthew 6:24-34

(Comments before the scripture reading and prayer): This sermon series has been entitled ''The Guardrails of Life'' with the intention of exploring the guardrails God has set up for our lives to keep us from going off the road in our faith and crashing our lives and relationships. Today's sermon addresses one of the most prominent of God's guardrails.


OPEN: In 1980, a man named Kevin Hillier of Australia lived in a trailer park. But he had just gotten a new metal detector and wanted to go out and try it out.

How many of you own metal detectors? (A few raised their hands).

Well, as Mr. Hillier swept the ground looking for signs of hidden metal, he found something he never expected to find in his backyard. In fact the readings on his metal detector were so unusual that he almost didn't pick up his shovel to investigate. But he did.
He dug down a mere foot underground and pulled out a 61-pound… let me repeat a 61 pound … a 61 POUND nugget of pure gold.
Did I say that he'd been living in a trailer park? Not anymore. Sometime after he and his family discovered the golden rock, they sold it to a casino in Las Vegas, NV called (appropriately) the ''Golden Nugget'' for a little over a million dollars

Now, this nugget was huge. But it's not been the biggest one ever found.
There have been larger gold nuggets dug out of the ground in the past, they've all been melted down for the gold that was in them. For example…
- There was the nugget they called the MATRIX which contained about 187 lbs. of gold
- The WELCOME STRANGER weighing in at about 148 lbs.
- The 'GOLDEN EAGLE that was 71 lbs.

If you'll notice… each of these nuggets was given a special name. And the nugget purchased by the Golden Nugget Casino was also given a unique name.

(Showed a close up of the nugget on the screen)
If you look at it just right, you can see it looks ...

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