by Ernest Easley

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The Doors God Opens - Part 1 (10 of 13)
Series: Touring the Churches
Ernest L. Easley
Revelation 3:7-13

We are back touring the churches today and of course I'm referring to those seven churches of Asia Minor, modern day Turkey that are found in Revelation 2-3.

So take God's Word and turn with me to Revelation 3 as we come to the sixth of the seven churches: the church at Philadelphia. Now keep in mind that these seven churches represent seven different kinds of churches and church members.

I remember as a young pastor dealing with a particular church member whom, frankly, was not easy to deal with. His attitude was, ''I was here before you became our pastor and I'll be here after you are no longer our pastor.'' I sought out an older pastor I respected and voiced my frustration and told him that I was considering finding another church to pastor because I was tired of dealing with this problem member. He smiled and said, ''Ernest, you can do that. You can find another church to go pastor but you need to know this: that particular church member will follow you to that new church. In fact, they are already there waiting for you.''

And over these last 31 years, I have discovered that he was right! They do follow you from church to church. They simply change names and faces! Sure enough I eventually left to pastor another church and guess who was waiting for me there? And to make matters worse, he had a few of his cousins with him!!!

Here's what that means for us today: you can find every one of these seven different kinds of church members at Roswell Street Baptist Church. If you can find them in the churches of Asia Minor, you can find them among us today!

As a Pastor who is leading his church to grow in their relationship with God and to engage their community with the gospel, how we need more Philadelphia members here at Roswell Street Baptist Church! It's my prayer that as we tour the church in Philadelphia, that you can say, ' ...

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