by Robert Walker

Love Without Limits
Robert Walker
Luke 15:11-32

Corrie Ten Boom tells a wonderful story of forgiveness. She was a Christian who was held in a Nazi concentration camp until a few days after the Allies had conquered Germany.

When she left that camp she was filled with hatred for the people who had tormented her and demeaned her. But slowly, very slowly, she learned to forgive them in her heart.

And she found it to be a liberating experience. All that hatred was taken away. Her load was lightened. Her world brightened. So she began to preach forgiveness, traveling and giving talks in Holland, France and then finally Germany itself.

The German people were eager to hear her message of God's love and forgiveness, and how when we forgive one another we free ourselves.

But one day after she had given her talk, a German soldier walked up to her and put out his hand: ''Ah, Fraulein Ten Boom, I am so glad that Jesus forgives us all of our sins, just as you say.''

Ten Boom recognized him as one of the soldiers in her camp. He had regularly forced the women to take showers together while he, the ''Huber man,'' looked on, leering at the helpless, naked women.

It was a moment of crisis for her. All of her hate and anger suddenly returned and rose up like a tsunami to knock down her pretensions. She still hated the Nazi for what they had done.

She knew that she shouldn't. She knew that it was just weakness on her part. So she prayed in that moment for God to forgive her inability to forgive.

She prayed: ''Jesus, I can't forgive this man. Forgive me.'' And in that instant she felt forgiven, and her hand went up to take the hand of her former enemy. In that moment several miracles occurred.

God had forgiven Ten Boom. Ten Boom released the German from his guilt. And Ten Boom herself felt truly liberated from her hate.

Well the story before us is one of the greatest stories about liberation in the entire Bible!

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