by Claude Thomas

An Invitation to Worship
Claude Thomas
Psalm 95

Introduction: We receive many types of invitations -- invitations to weddings, graduations, anniversaries. Most often the invitation is to a special event of some nature. The Psalmist viewed worship as a very special event. Psalm 95 is a Psalm inviting the people of God to the special event of worship. Follow along as I read.

Do you desire your worship experience to be a life-changing, life-challenging, life-comforting, total experience? Well, I am certain some, if not all, of you do. This message is aimed at helping you have that experience of total, complete worship which has a dramatic and positive impact upon your life.

Transition Statement: The Invitation to Worship Psalm gives guidelines for total worship. It is an . . .

I. Invitation to jubilation, vv. 1-5

Application: Worship is to be an experience of joy, gladness and celebration. To have an audience with a great president, king, or monarch would be an occasion for rejoicing, anticipation, and celebration. You would not want him to think you were bored because of suppressed and subdued emotions. Your desire would be to communicate to him your delight at being in his presence.

Application: Today your audience is with the God of your salvation, the God of all creation, and the God of supreme exaltation. The occasion is one of jubilation! Prior to your coming here, you should be encouraging others to join you in the celebration. Encourage them to express praise to God.

At this point, allow me to be painfully practical. In your Sunday School Departments and classrooms encourage each other to come to worship with a spirit of joy and jubilation. Make personal preparation by reflecting upon your privilege. Move through the halls and into the worship center encouraging an atmospheric condition of joy and jubilation. Corporate jubilation begins and the first note is of praise, first word is one of jubilation. Why? Because you are going to meet ...

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