by Claude Thomas

Psalm 90

Introduction: Montpelier is in the southern part of France. In an open park, you can find an area dedicated to the memory of Christian martyrs. It is an unusual experience when you read about it; history tells us that those martyrs were in that open park burning in the flames, and as they burned, they sang psalms joyfully, exuberantly. With flames leaping all around them and lapping the very life out of them, they sang loudly and gladly, so much so that the officials of the city had to hire a band to drown out the joyful sound of the martyrs. Those martyrs had learned something in their normal daily routine of life. They discovered an eternal significance to their life could foundationed in an eternal God. The Psalmist's hope was discovering or experiencing life with an eternal significance, and his hope was centered in an eternal God. Christians of every generation find the answer to life's deepest concerns in God.

I. Security of life is found in God, vv. 1-6

Explanation: Insecurity is prompted by the frailty of man.
Certainty of death -- vv. 3,10.
Brevity of life -- vv. 4-6.

Application: The frailty of man is focused for us daily as we read the local newspapers, watch the daily news, and experience life. You and I are aware life is uncertain and death is certain. The insecurity is heightened by a predominant philosophy.

Illustration: Naturalism is prominent in our world. A naturalist and philosopher trained in theology, philosophy, and the sciences says, "Supernaturalists point to the failure of naturalism to come up with a strong belief in life after death. Human life for naturalism is a brief candle blown out after a few years on earth, without hope for life beyond the grave. The naturalist is reduced to dressing up this finite and mortal existence ere it returns forever to dust. One might say of each human life, if he was so soon done for, I wonder what he was born for." The philosophy of naturalism ...

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