by Claude Thomas

Psalm 84

Introduction: What does "adventuresome living" call up in your mind. Does it call up a person that has unlimited resources and is able to get on a private jet and fly from here to the French Riviera and spend a few days? Or is it a person who is scaling the Alpine peaks? Adventuresome living is living that has a sense of daring to it, a sense of challenge. It has two major characteristics: a sense of destiny and a sense of discovery. It is a process, a pilgrimage. Psalm 84 is a pilgrimage Psalm. The Psalmist is going somewhere, on his way to a destiny that is focused for him. As he goes along he discovers more and more what that ultimate destiny is about. One needs two primary elements to live with a sense of adventure from the biblical perspective, focus and faith.

I.. Focus upon the person of God

Explanation: Vv. 1-2 -- He described the great longing of his heart. He said, "Oh, how desirable are thy tabernacles, O Lord of Hosts. My soul faints, longs to be in the courts of the Lord." His focus was the living God. The desire of his soul was God Himself. "As the deer pants after the water brooks, so does my soul long after thee, Oh God." The desire of his life was the focus of his life.

Vv. 3-4 -- The security of the Psalmist's soul was to be where God was. He longed to be where He was. He was traveling toward God!

Illustration: The Scot's Shorter Catechism says, "What is man's chief end? To glorify God and enjoy Him forever.!"

Application: How do the priorities of your personal pursuit in life relate to the primary purpose of life? Some worthy goals are survival, security, success, satisfaction -- but all are inadequate. You must have a primary, guiding goal. To glorify God and enjoy Him forever!

II. Faith in the person of God, v. 11a

Explanation: Faith places the Psalmist on the way to his destiny. Faith sees the roadway ...

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