by Robert Walker

Charge That to My Account
Robert Walker

The story is told of an aged silver miner who had spent all of his life searching for silver in the mountains of the Old West.

He had become so obsessed with his search that his wife and children had left him.

When he died, the handful of people who came to bury him found in his possessions a note instructing them to bury him under his cabin.

As the spades full of earth were turned over, a lustrous gray material began to appear.

It turned out to be a huge vein of silver. That miner had been a millionaire all his life, but he had never known about his wealth and he had never claimed his wealth.

He had never possessed his possession! It was his but it wasn't his! He never took advantage of what he had!

The person who ran away was an unprofitable slave; the person who returned was a profitable brother in Christ (the name Onesimus means ''profitable'').

Here is a personal letter, just a friendly note from Paul to another Christian.

Paul shared with Onesimus the good news of salvation and he was born again (verse 10). The slave was now a SAVED SLAVE and he had a brand new Master!


We should realize that for a great Christian such as Paul it doesn't necessarily mean to say that things are going to be easy.

From my experience of my own life I would say that the more you are in the service of the Lord the harder it gets, and the older you are in the service of the Lord the harder it gets.

And the old you get the harder it becomes. It doesn't get any easier because a man is a man used of God that doesn't mean to say it is easy for him-nine times out of ten it is harder for him that it is for anybody else.

Here we find Paul-a prisoner-a prisoner of Jesus Christ.

(A) There were Difficulties

Paul doesn't seem to make any attempt to conceal the facts. Again and again he speaks of himself and his circumstance.

Look at verse 1, A prisoner of J ...

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