by Claude Thomas

Psalm 8

Introduction: Psalm 8 poses one of life's most important questions. What is man? Is man only a highly developed animal as Darwin taught, or an underdeveloped child as Freud believed? Or, perhaps man is only an economic factor like Karl Marx believed.

Plato once described man as a "featherless biped" (two-footed animal). One of his rivals showed up with a plucked chicken and cried, "Behold Plato's man!"

Perhaps that is when Plato changed his definition of man to "a being in search of meaning." Pascal said man was a reed, but a thinking reed. Humorist Mark Twain apologized for man by explaining God made man at the end of the week when Deity was tired!

What man thinks of man is important. However, God's estimate of man is most important. In Psalm 89, man is given the superior status of being made to glorify God through words of praise, and a reign over creation.

Transition Statement: What is man? The Psalmist's question is ...

I. God created us to be kings - v. 8

Created in the image of God.
Given rule over creation of God.
Created to glorify God
but . . .
Adam blew it and so do we! Instead of ruling in obedience to God, he became a servile victim of creation by following Satan.

Application: Appeals are the same today. Results are the same today. We are losing order and moving to chaos because of rebellion against God Who gives order and meaning, direction and fulfillment to life.

Illustration: An Iranian airliner is blown from the sky with civilians aboard. Why? Whether it was sent into the zone by Iran or whether there was a possible flaw by the US, the answer must be the frailty of man.

Application: Man created to glorify God is truly marred by the curse of sin!

II. Jesus redeemed us to be kings - Revelation 1:4-6

Explanation: By the victory over the "foes. ...

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