by Claude Thomas

Vital Worship
Claude Thomas
Psalm 66

Introduction: After our youngest son had a tonsillectomy, the nurses would come in periodically and take his vital signs. There are vital signs in worship. Worship that is vital, enlivened, invigorating, and life-changing makes a difference. The Psalmist spoke of that kind of worship is Psalm 66. It says that vital worship . . .

I. Moves God's people with anticipation of ultimate adoration, vv. 1-4

Explanation: These verses depict the world's homage. The Psalmist expressed the concern and quality of true worship. "The honor of His name" is the concern, and to "make His praise glorious" is the proper quality.

Transition Statement: Now the question is who participates in this worship? The answer is in these verses. The declaration is that universal worship of God will occur. "The earth shall worship thee ...", v. 4. However, not all will worship out of love and devotion. Apparently, many will bow as a result of God's great power, v. 3. The scene is of universal worship.

Transition Statement: When will this happen? It certainly has not happened yet. The answer is found in the book of Revelation, chapter 5, vv. 9ff. In the millennium, the entire earth will worship the Lord. Now the Psalmist enters worship gladdened, confident, moved with anticipation of universal adoration. It is total adoration in the sense that (1) all peoples participate, and (2) the object is pure, "His honor" and method is pure, "His praise glorious."

Application: Can you imagine such a thing? The entire earth expressing homage to our great God! Today you are in the minority of the earth. Most of the world is not gathered for worship today. As a matter of fact, the multitudes of men and women are involved in other concerns. They are oblivious to the worship of God. But, not so with you.

Application: Your worship (1) while unique today, will be universal tomorrow; (2) is in measure today, and will be wit ...

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