by Claude Thomas

Psalm 55

Introduction: Robert Schuller was scheduled to speak to 3500 members of the Agriculture Industry in the tough summer of 1982. Upon arrival at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Chicago, he was greeted by two representatives of the group. Dr. Schuller's expectation of a warm, inspirational evening was abruptly changed by the greeting of the two men. After exchanging preliminary greetings, Dr. Schuller was informed of their expectations. 3500 people were going through tough times, he was told. One of the men said, "These people are going through tough times. They don't want to hear your funny stories. They don't want to see you grinning from ear to ear like you do on television. They don't want a pat on the back with a hollow promise that 'everything is going to be okay.'" They other man added, "They need help. They need hope. Give it to them."

Today you are here by God's design. Some of you are like those farmers, you are facing tough times and need help. A few of you are not presently experiencing difficulties, but in all likelihood, you soon will. The Psalmist has a word of instruction for you about how to be triumphant during tough times. (Read text.)

Transition Statement: How do you deal with difficulties, calamities, and trials of life. One way is to ...

I. React to your feelings.

Explanation: The king of Israel experienced a terrible ordeal. A trusted friend and close companion betrayed him and joined the ranks of the enemies. The very act and the added intention wrought misery in David. Verse 3 depicts the reaction of the king to the oppression of the rebellious and traitorous renegades. "They pour out misery upon me." Again in v. 4, "My heart is sore pained within me." The pain was intense. The feelings of the king reacted to the misery with great pain.

Application: When calamities come, it is right to respond with the feeling of inflicted pain. It is right to hurt. We are pe ...

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