by Claude Thomas

Psalm 50

Introduction: The beginning words of Psalm 50 are incomparable. It is an unparalleled scene, grand and striking. The speaker is God, Himself, and the audience is an assembled world!

I. Plain Word to His People

Identification of Defective Ritual.

Explanation: External was meticulously presented. Internal was conspicuously absent. Cf. Jeremiah 7:1-4. God had a word of rebuke for the ritualistic, mindless religious. The problem was not with the quality of the offerings, but with the fact that they forgot why they gave the sacrifices. They were intended to be expressions of obedient worship by a person who centered his life on God. They were intended to be meaningfully active, instead they became meaningless, mindless activities performed by rote.

Application: The temptation is to become mere performers, doing things we have done so many times before. Our prayers can become nothing more than empty exercises of the recitation of remembered words. Our offerings of worship can become nothing more than regular habits. God rebukes worship which is routine and without thought of Him!

Instruction in Desired Ritual.

Explanation: Personal piety, v. 14, dependency, v. 15, and praise, v. 23 are ingredients of the meaningful relationship in worship and service and life that God wants. He wants a person who is in love with Him. He desires a person who has determined with his mind, heart, soul, body, strength, his entire being, to experience God.

Application: For a Christian who wants to know and experience God, it is a waste of time to go to a ...

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