by Claude Thomas

Psalm 49

Introduction: This Psalm has the flavor of wisdom literature. Wisdom literature always had a theme, around which sayings would be developed. The theme of this Psalm is immortality. Around this theme are three clusters of sayings we will look at today.

I. Preoccupation with immortality

Explanation: There is a call to all people, because this a characteristic interest of all people, vv. 1-2,11.

Illustration: Egyptians mummified their citizens to attempt to achieve immortality. Indians have their "happy hunting grounds." The Parsees of India believe they become part of the eternal elements of fire, wind, and rain upon physical death. The cyclical religions of the Orient express their desire for immortality through reincarnation. Americans have a fascination with the eternal, many through the belief in reincarnation. They also seem to have an obsession with death, as heard in numerous secular songs of our day.

Application: Are you interested in the hereafter? Who among us places our loved one in a cemetery and is not concerned with whether there is anything after this life or not? Young person, many of you have experienced the death of a young friend. Didn't you hope for something beyond this life? None of us want to die and let that be the end.

II. Powerless to possess

Explanat ...

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