by Johnny Hunt

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Evidence of True Spiritual Growth - Part 1 (3 of 8)
Series: Shoe Leather Christianity
Johnny Hunt
2 Peter 1:8-9

INTRODUCTION: The life within will reproduce that image if we but diligently cooperate with God and use the means He has lavishly given us. And the amazing thing is this: as the image of Christ is reproduced in us, the process does not destroy our own personalities. We still remain uniquely ourselves. God only makes originals, no copies.

Peter has said that if the believer actually has a desire to grow in this knowledge and will be careful to build a superstructure, consisting of these virtues that have been named, on the foundation that has been laid, then he will not be idle in his pursuit of this full knowledge and grace.

The Christian life begins with faith, but that faith must lead to spiritual growth, unless it is dead faith. But dead faith is not saving faith (James 2:14-21). Faith leads to growth and growth leads to practical results in life and service. People who have this kind of Christian experience are not likely to fall prey to apostate false teachers.

GREAT QUESTION: How can the believer be certain that he is growing spiritually?

Will people say this about your life, ''He did nothing in particular, and he did it very well.'' The purpose in life is to have a life of purpose. John Foster, ''You're not truly free until you've been made captive by your mission in life.'' Do we really believe that this life is just a ''dress rehearsal'' for eternity?

A man without principles never draws much interest. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, ''If a man hasn't discovered something that he will die for, he isn't fit to live.'' You can predict your future by the awareness you have of your unique purpose.

Remember, when the Holy Spirit comes to take-up residence within the spirit of a human being, He brings with Him those absolute standards of righteousness which reflect the very nature and character of God Himself. The Christian life ...

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