by Claude Thomas

Psalm 46

Introduction: In the fall of the year, we begin to see beautiful formation sin the skies and hear honks from the fowl of the formation. As the geese and duck fly south, we know the difficult days of winter have begun to settle in the north. Some birds begin to move south prior the difficult days of winter in the north. Generally speaking, the hardship of winter will see the fowl fly south to easier climate.

Some people's confidence flies south when hard days arise. As soon as difficulties loom on the horizon, their confidence leaves their bosoms. The Psalmist of
Psalm 46 was 180 degrees opposite to that. As he viewed turmoil in nature, among nations, and in judgment, he also voiced a song of holy confidence. Through the study of the Psalm, I pray you will discover or affirm that God's people are secure and may be confident regardless of the condition of the days! We discover, first, that ...

I. Confidence is possible regardless of the difficulty of the days.

Explanation: The Psalmist's observations:

1) The upheaval of the most stable (earth and mountains) by the most unstable (sea), vv. 1-3.
2) The siege of the city of God by pagan nations, vv. 4-7.
3) The devastation of the world in judgment, vv. 8-11.

The Psalmist's exclamation:

Will not we fear? No! v. 1.
Will the city shake? No! v. 5

The Psalmist declared his confidence! The strongest he knew - mountains, earth, Jerusalem, world were being challenged -- and so was his confidence; but he demonstrated strong confidence was possible no matter how great the challenge to it.

Transition Statement: However, there is a confidence which will be shaken when difficulties arise ...

Application: Human confidence is shaken:

1) Confidence in man's creations ...
a) Nations, governments, cities
b) Institutions
2) Confidence in God's creations ...
a) Self - I fail
b) Others - they fail
c) Materials - they fail -- The ...

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