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Series: There is a Way
Jerry Watts
Proverbs 14:12; Proverbs 16:25

Last week we began a study of one verse in the Bible which is recorded two times in scripture. A few weeks ago I heard Will Graham (son of Franklin and grandson of Billy) quote this verse. For some reason, hearing this text stuck a chord in me. I might add that any time a verse is given two times in scripture, it may be something which we should consider very seriously. (READ)

We spent our time last week on the first part of this verse, ''There is a way that seems right to a man.'' Reading that one verse is almost like a cliff-hanger because you KNOW something must come next. This way that man THINKS is right - only SEEMS right. Normally, when something only 'seems' right, there is more to come.

To remind you; we spoke of an ''ILLUSION'' which follows when something on ''seems to be a certain way. Most of the time this is driven by Attitude. When we believe something to be right or wrong, don't bother us with the facts because we know. I remind you that we superimposed Eve in the Garden of Eden and how her attitude toward the fruit led her to see the fruit differently than God did. She was driven by Appeal - There is a way that ''seems right'' to a man. It seems attractive, the way to go, be, believe, and do. So it drives our Activities - Many people trust our culture to lead us. This is problematic at best because, ''There is a way that seems right to a man.'' This phrase describe cultural attitudes today. In the midst of a largely amoral culture, we will continue to be misled, misinformed, and taking missteps! The Illusion - there is a way.

But now consider the 2nd phrase in this verse, ''But its end is the way to death.'' For me, this is powerful verse which offers a warning that many do not care to hear. Much if not most of God's word is simple. This simply says, ''Man thinks he knows the way, but that way will destroy.''

This verse begins point out the i ...

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