by Ernest Easley

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The Dead Church - Part 3 (9 of 13)
Series: Touring the Churches
Ernest L. Easley
Revelation 3:1-6

Now with our Bibles opened to Revelation 3, we are continuing our series of messages under the heading: TOURING THE CHURCHES. And of course I'm referring to those seven churches in Asia Minor, modern day Turkey.

Most of us really don't know how much we love the church until we need the church.

You have a loved one get an illness that requires home care or hospital care or even hospice care and members of the church begin reaching out to you helping in various ways including prayer and love; its during those times you realize just much you love the church.

Or you have a loved one who has a spiritual need and someone from the church comes alongside you to share the life-giving gospel message with them and they are saved and then you start to realize how much you love the church.

Or you desire to grow in your relationship with Jesus through His Word and you begin attending a Sunday School class or a 242 off campus group or a Christian Life College class and your relationship with God starts to take off and then you realize just how much you love the church.

Or perhaps it's you that is searching for truth and purpose, that one secret that will make your life better. And somebody invites to you worship or a small group or shares with you a gospel booklet and you discover that one secret that will make your life better and you meet Jesus and then you realize how much you love the church.

But as much as you love the church (the body of Christ), nobody loves the church like Jesus! Jesus loved the church so much that He gave His life for it. And its here in Revelation 2-3 Jesus is speaking to His churches and what He said to those churches, He says to ALL of His churches of all times.

Now for just a few minutes, I want to take us back to the church at Sardis, the Dead Church. What Jesus had to say to them and now says to us is found in the first six ...

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