by Robert Walker

A Mother's Triumph
Robert Walker
Matthew 15:21-28

The story is told out of World War 2 and the holocaust that took the lives of millions of people.

Solomon Rosenberg and his wife and their two sons and his mother and father were arrested and placed in a Nazi concentration camp.

It was a labor camp, and the rules were simple. ''As long as you can do your work, you are permitted to live.

When you become too weak to do your work, then you are exterminated.''

Rosenberg watched his mother and father marched off to their deaths and he knew that next would be his youngest son, David, because David had always been a frail child.

Every evening Rosenberg came back into the barracks after his hours of labor and searched for the faces of his family.

When he found them they would huddle together, embrace one another, and thank God. One day Rosenberg came back and didn't see those familiar faces.

He finally discovered his oldest son, Joshua, in a corner, huddled, weeping, and praying.

He said, ''Josh, tell me it's not true.'' Joshua turned and said, ''It is true, poppa. Today David was not strong enough to do his work. So they came for him.''

''But where is your mother?'' asked Mr. Rosenberg. ''Oh poppa,'' he said, ''When they came for David, he was afraid and he cried.

Momma said, There is nothing to be afraid of, David,' and she took his hand and went with him.''

There is nothing to be afraid of. I'll go with you.''

In the midst of your problems we often turn to our mothers.

You need someone to help you.

You need someone you can turn to for your solution. You need God to work in your life.

When I read this scripture I want you to know that there is hope for your situation today. No matter what it is you think you need today, God holds the key to it.

Many years ago Hal Lindsay wrote a book entitled, ''Satan Is Alive And Well On Planet Earth.'' And, you know what - he was right. Satan is alive and well on Planet ...

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