by Claude Thomas

Psalm 32

Introduction: Concealed sin is a burden to the Christian while confessed sin brings blessing of renewed fellowship! Each July, we celebrate the Declaration of Independence, a political freedom. The Psalmist experienced freedom - spiritual freedom.

I. Way of Renewal - vv. 1-7

Explanation: Discovery of sin - vv. 1-2. "Blessed is the man ... in whom there is no guile, deceit." He is a man who is able to see his own sin. Three Hebrew words are used to describe sin: transgression - violation of God's law; sin - failure in normal aim in life; iniquity - turning from proper course in life.

Illustration: Dr. Charlie Culpepper was a participant in the Shantung Revivals in China. When God moved mightily on the mainland of China, Dr. Culpepper said he had looked at other missionaries and other people and thought how they had failed in their lives. He thought he was doing all right. But in a meeting, the Spirit of God burned into his own heart, and he saw himself as one who had sinned. From that discovery of sin in his life, he went aside and spent time alone with God beginning the pathway of renewal.

Application: The searchlight of the Holy Spirit reaches down into our lives and shows us our sin. Let Him examine you.

Explanation: Continues with distress for concealed sin - vv. 3-4.

Illustration: Do you ever feel the burden? An Indian evangelist was preaching, and a flippant youth interrupted, "You tell me about the burden of sin. I feel none. How heavy is it? 80 lbs, 100 lbs? The preacher asked, "If you put 400 lbs on a corpse, would it feel the load?" "No," the youth replied, "because it is dead." "So," said the preacher, "it is with a dead spirit. It does not feel the load of sin."

Application: Thank God for the burden of concealed sin! The burden assu ...

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