by Claude Thomas

Psalm 24

Introduction: The occasion of the Psalm is 2 Samuel 6:1-18. This Psalm was sung in temple worship in antiphonal fashion. The choir led in worship. Then, later in time, the people of God gathered together in the synagogues and sang this same Psalm. Now is the Christian faith, we have seen the use of this Psalm in choral readings and in song. This Psalm/song is characteristic of the King of Glory and His worshippers.

I. The True God - Creator of All - vv. 1-2

Explanation: Notice the parallels in v. 1:
The earth - the world
The fullness - they that dwell.
Emphasis: God is over all!

Names the reason in v. 2:
He stabilizes the unstable. waters - Genesis 1 - "the deep."
He foundations the creation upon Himself - the earth is emerged out of the deep. The floods are held back by Him.

He is Creator, Foundation and Presever of creation, therefore, it is all His.

Application: Acknowledge Him as Creator. Evolution has been exalted and excused, but must be exposed as the biggest fallacy of the modern scientific world.

Appreciate His creation.

Illustration: The Mississippi River moved out of its bank for a period of time and there was a resettling of the earth which made a crater, and a deposit of water just north of Memphis. It is called Reelfoot Lake and is beautiful. But, over a period of time with abuse by man, erosion is occurring and ...

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