by Jeff Strite

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The First Promise (5 of 7)
Series: The Beginning and the End
Jeff Strite
Genesis 3:11-15

OPEN: I recently listened to a man named Chris tell of visiting his relatives in Kokomo, Indiana. One night his family took him out to and treated him to a special meal at the Texas Roadhouse restaurant. Sometime during the evening, Chris got up and went into the bathroom, and while he was there another man came into the restroom and was obviously distraught. The man was upset crying openly and Chris was moved to ask him what was wrong. And the man told him this story:

He said he was there with relatives who were celebrating his retirement. But what they didn't know was that he'd been to see his doctor earlier that week and the doctor had discovered a cancerous mass that was in an advanced stage. The doctor had given him 3 months to live. Now the man was struggling with how to tell his family - out in the restaurant who had come to celebrate a happy occasion in his life - that he was about to die.

What do you tell someone like that?
How do you respond to a man who knows he's going to die?

Do you say: ''I'm sorry?''
''That's too bad?''
''I'll pray for you?''

It's difficult enough knowing what to say at a funeral. But being confronted by a man who knows his destiny, a man who knows he's mortal, who knows he's going to die… and he knows WHEN he's going to die - that's hard.

The existentialist philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre asserted that death ''removes all meaning from life.''
Aristotle called death the thing to be feared most because ''it appears to be the end of everything.''

Inside of each one of us there is the deep seating feeling that…
Death isn't right!
Death isn't natural
We weren't made to die.

And the Bible agrees.
Scripture teaches us that we were NOT created to die.
We weren't made to live out a short life… and then inhabit a grave for eternity.

Death is not natural.
It's not the way things should have been.
Somehow we intuiti ...

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