by Ernest Easley

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The Dead Church - Part 2 (8 of 13)
Series: Touring the Churches
Ernest L. Easley
Revelation 3:1-4

We are touring churches these days and of course I'm talking about those seven churches in Asia Minor found in Revelation 2-3. Today we are picking up where we left off last time together in Revelation 3 at the church at Sardis.

Last Sunday after worship Julie and I tried a new place to eat not far from here at the recommendation of some friends. They said, ''If you like home cooking, you'll enjoy that place.'' So, at their recommendation, we tried it.

About the same time we began walking in, up walked another one of our church members. They asked if we had ever eaten there before. We said that we hadn't. They said, ''I hear it's really good.'' We said that we had heard the same thing.

Well, it was good and on Wednesday we ran into this same church member on our campus and the first thing out of their mouth was, ''How did you like the new place to eat?'' We said, ''We really enjoyed it and plan to be back.''

Now let me ask you a question. Had either one of us been told that the food at this new restaurant wasn't very good and the service was bad, do you think either one of us would have tried it? Probably not, because there are so many other good places to eat around here.

What you say to others about a particular restaurant greatly impacts their attitude and their attendance to that restaurant. Your words can either encourage them to try it or discourage them from trying it.

And I've got news for you: that's also true of churches. Let me make that a little more personal: What you say to others about RSBC will either help fill this place or help empty this place. As Julie and I walked in that restaurant last Sunday and saw it was full of people, my first thought was: this must really be good and my second thought was: somebody has been singing their praises! A good product plus good PR make a winning team!

Let me ask you this: are there peop ...

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