by Claude Thomas

Psalm 22

Introduction: When you read Psalm 22, you realize that there is no incident in the life of David that can account for this Psalm. There is no scene like it. This is not a scene of the persecution and the affliction of the Psalmist; this is the scene of the execution and exaltation of the Savior.

The historical and predictive are welded. David spoke of his experience, but inspiration carried him beyond his present to the prophetic. As Peter said, "being a prophet ... he foresaw and spoke of ... the Christ." (Acts 2:30)

Viewing the cross, David portrayed Christ as the Conquered and the Conqueror, as Victim and Victor. He became Victim for your sin and is Victor for you salvation. As you observe the cross, unbeliever, will you be responsive to the call to salvation? As you observe the cross, believer, will your devotion deepen?

I. Victim - vv. 1-21

Explanation: Of public humiliation - vv. 6-8; Matthew 27:39,43
Of physical convulsions - "the pain of the cross quivered through the universe - vv. 12-18; Matthew 27:51-52. These verses picture unparalleled pain!
Of psychological consternation - moved from faith to fear, vv. 9-11, and from fear to faith, vv. 1-5. Why? Galatians 3:13

Transition Statement: The curse of the cross was the result of sin. When you look at the cross ...

Application: The horrible nature of sin is revealed.

Illustration: C.S. Lewis - "Light turned on in the basement does not create, but reveals the rats." When you view the cross sin cannot be: explained as drag upon man, or excused as mistake of man.

Application: What is your personal part in the cross? What do you see when you look at the cross?

1) The priests and elders saw an enemy destroyed
2) The soldiers saw garments to divide and one to gamble over
3) The bystanders saw a man die and thought He cried out for Elijah
4) A malefactor on one side thought he saw a phony.
5) The other malefacto ...

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