by Claude Thomas

Through Trial To Triumph
Claude Thomas
Psalm 21

Introduction: We all know that the trials of life are real. Sometimes we face them with fear and trembling ... sometimes with confidence and assurance. Yet, God informs us that regardless of the nature of the trial, we can praise God for the promised triumph. Such is the significance of Psalm 21. This Psalm constitutes a praise for the victory because the king has passed through trial to triumph.

A relationship exists between Psalm 20 and Psalm 21. In Psalm 20, the people pray for victory as the king enters into battle. In Psalm 21, the people praise God for victory the king experienced in battle! And from the two Psalms, we learn of the ...

I. Promise of passing through trial to triumph

Transition Statement: Someone has said, "Believe it is true before it is true, then it will be true." Such was the experience of Psalm 20-21.

Explanation: Psalm 20:4 - request; Psalm 212 - answer
Psalm 20:7-8 - confidence; Psalm 21-7-12 - realization

Application: There is a contemporary in ...

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