by Claude Thomas


Introduction: "When we see God as He is, we will praise Him as we ought. To know Him is to praise Him. He is worthy of praise!"-- The Hallelujah Factor by Jack Taylor. In Psalm 18, David was prompted to praise because of the deeds of God which revealed Who He was. Today, as we discover God through the revelation of Who He is, we too will be moved to praise.

Definition: Praise is a positive response to God and His deeds.

I. Revelation of His Mercy - vv. 1-6

Explanation: God as Refuge - vv. 1-2
Rock -- in crags, cliffs of mountain
Fortress -- protection from assault
Strength -- foundational rock, anchor
Buckler -- shield to ward off pursuit
Horn -- for turning pursuing enemies
Tower -- height for view

Application: God is our Refuge in time of trouble. God is merciful!

Explanation: God as Rescue - vv. 3-6. Saul hunted David mercilessly. Just at the point of his being overwhelmed, David turned to God!

Application: Floods of ungodliness will not destroy the Christian who knows God's mercy! God has ultimate control...there will be nothing that touches us until God allows it. That is mercy, Praise the Lord!

II. Revelation of His Mission - vv. 7-8, 13-19

Explanation: Mission of Judgment - vv. 7-8,13-15. God was "wroth," smoke dramatizes God's reaction to sin. In Hebrew, nostrils are organs of anger, and fire is synonymous with God's jealousy. Creation trembles because there is doom for the ungodly.

Mission of Salvation - vv. 16-19. The judgment of God against evil means deliverance for the Psalmist. God's absolute power provides ultimate freedom for His own.

Application: God, through Christ judged and condemned Satan and sin through Christ's death and resurrection. We have experienced deliverance from the penalty of sin because God judged sin on Calvary, and Christ paid our penalty. We have experienced deliverance from the ...

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