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Jesus Rejoices in the Spirit (1 of 3)
Series: Thankful
Benny Perez
Luke 10:1-3, 9

Today I begin a new Series ''Thank Full''. You see you will live your life full of something. Many choose to live there life full of negativity, hurt, pain or disappointment. Many choose live a different kind of life, a life Full of Eternal Things not just temporal things.

In fact I believe that cultivating a Thank Full attitude is one that reflects best the nature and Spirit of Jesus. We were created to be Thank Full not for everything but that our Father is with us through everything.

Text: Luke 10:1-3, 9

Background: Jesus is training his 12 disciples of what it means to follow Him. He begins to illuminate their minds that it is not just following but fulfilling His Mission. He now appoints 72 others to now join the 12 in His Mission.

I. Jesus Sends 72 Disciples v. 1

A. Disciples are always going

1. Jesus sent them ahead of where He was going.
2. If you are there it is because Jesus is about to do something.

Key Pt: You are where you are because Jesus wants to do something in that Place of employment or school or neighborhood.

B. Disciples are to Pray

1. Pray that the Lord will send out more workers
2. We need more workers because there is a great harvest.

Key Pt: Jesus sees the great harvest. Do you see the great harvest of people? The prayer is not to see the great harvest but that people would now See and go into the great harvest of people.

C. Heal the sick and Declare The Kingdom of God

1. Heal the sick wherever you go.
2. This is physical, emotional and mental.

II. Jesus Tells Disciples What To Rejoice Over

A. Disciples Come Back Joyful/Thankful v. 10

1. The demons are subject to Jesus.
2. Jesus through your Name we cast demons out.
3. Through Jesus we wrecked the Kingdom of Darkness

B. Jesus affirms the Power

1. ...

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