by Benny Perez

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Thankful to Be Alive (2 of 3)
Series: Thankful
Benny Perez
Ephesians 2:1-10

I. What We Were v. 1 - 3

A. We were dead

1. We are Spiritually Dead
2. Apart from Christ we are unable to comprehend and appreciate Spiritual Things.

Illustration: Like a corpse that cannot respond to physical stimuli, so is a person Is Spiritually Dead! An unbeliever is not sick but dead! He does not need resuscitation; he needs resurrection.

B. We had a certain direction - The World

1. We walked according to the pattern of this world.
2. We lived out the passions and desires that were in us.
3. Our fallen nature ruled us and we were under its control.

C. We were influenced by The devil

1. The devil does not cause us to sin, he tempts us to sin.
2. He influences unbelievers by the power of his lies.
3. He is subtle influencer towards self sufficiency.

D. We were governed by the Flesh

1. The flesh refers to that fallen nature that we were born with, that wants to control the body and the mind and make us disobey God

Illustration: ''Why Your Dog Does What It Does,'' and, of course, many dog lovers came out to hear him. What he had to say was obvious, but too often overlooked: ''A dog behaves like a dog because he has a dog's nature.'' If somehow you could transplant into the dog the nature of the cat, his behavior would change radically

II. What God Did v. 4 - 10

A. But God v. 4

1. Being rich in Mercy - Mercy means that God does not give me what I do deserve.
2. Because of His Great Love - God is love.

B. What Did He Do? V. 5

1. He made us alive - we were Spiritually dead and now he Resurrected us!
2. Raised us up - brought us up in Christ
3. Seated Us - now seated in Christ in the ...

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