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Thankful to Jesus (3 of 3)
Series: Thankful
Benny Perez
Luke 17:11-19

I. Jesus Was Passing By v. 11

A. Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem

1. Jesus was on his way to do what He was sent to do.
2. Jesus was now entering the final stage of his life.
3. He was going to Jerusalem to become the sacrifice for all of us.

Key Pt: Jesus was going to become unclean for us to make us clean before God. The clean, spotless perfect Son of God was going to trade places with us. He would take our uncleanness and our sin our stuff and let us go free.

B. He was between 2 Worlds - Samaria and Galilee

1. He was right in the middle of both Jew and Gentile
2. He was walking among both the religious and the outcast.
3. Those that thought they were righteous because of who they were and those That were outcasts because of who they were. Jew and Samaritan.

Key Pt: Jesus lived between 2 worlds: God and Man. He is the intercessor, the go Between. He now is the one we go to for he has made a way between God And Man!! I Timothy 2:5 ESV

II. Jesus Was Met By 10 Lepers v. 12

A. The Men's Affliction

1. It defined them rather than their names.
2. They were now simply Lepers and their identity got swallowed up by their Issue.

Key Pt: Too many people let their issue swallow up their identity. You are not a Junkie, you are not a divorcee, you are not failure. When your issue defines You it will now become your Identity. Once an Identity is established then We just begin to manage.

God did not create you to manage your life away but overcome and be and
Do something.

You are greater than your issue, You have an identity in Jesus.

B. 10 Lepers - Underserving

1. They had a slow eating disease that discouraged and disfigured them.
2. You brought it upon yourself and God has cursed you.
3. God is not going to help you - Help yourself

C. Unlikely Crowd

1. They were first gathered as a crowd.
2. The law said they should live alone and Isolated. ...

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