by Benny Perez

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Sending Angels (3 of 7)
Series: Extra Ordinary
Benny Perez
Acts 12:6-11

The Bible is our textbook:

The 2 major words translated Angel appear almost 300 times in the Bible

Text: Acts 12:6-11 NLT

Peter has been arrested and is going to be executed the next morning. The church began to pray for him earnestly. God answers their prayers by sending an angel.

Colossians 1:16: Declares angels are created beings.

I. There Are Different Kinds Of Angels

A. Angels and Fallen Angels

1. Angels who stayed faithful to God and God's Purposes
2. Fallen Angels who followed the rebellion of Lucifer; Jude 1:6 and 2 Peter 2:4

Key Pt: There were 1/3 of the angels that fell but 2/3 thirds stayed faithful to God. We will deal with the angels serving God first.

B. Different Ranks of Angels.

1. Archangels - means to be first in political rank or power. These are the highest rank in the heavenly hosts. Michael is the only Archangel specifically pointed out in scripture: Jude 1:9. Although some scholars believe that Gabriel and Lucifer were archangels.

2. Cherubim - angels assigned to guard the throne of God (Ps. 99:1) as well as the Ark of the Covenant and the mercy seat (Ex. 25: 18 - 22, Exodus 37: 7 -9). Cherubim is plural for Cherub and they guarded the Tree of Life to keep man from eating from it; Gen. 3: 24. The fullest
Description is found in Ezekiel 10.

3. Seraphim - fiery or flaming ones. The ministry of these angels is closely related to the throne and praises of God. They are seen constantly glorifying God's nature and attributes and apparently are supervising heaven's worship. They are seen in Isaiah 6.

4. Ministering Spirits - are angels who minister to Christ followers. These are the angels that deal mostly with mankind according to Hebrews 1: 14.

II. The Roles Of Angels

A. Angels Minister to God - Revelation 5:11 -12

1. Angels worship constantly around the throne of God.
2. Angels minister to God by proclaiming His Truth. ...

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