by Claude Thomas


Introduction: A woman in Australia was recently released from prison after having been incarcerated for three years. She was accused of the murder of her nine month old child, convicted, and sentenced. During the entire agonizing process, she maintained her innocence. Recently, she was exonerated of all charges and released from prison. She was falsely accused, wrongly judged, and unfairly sentenced.

How do you respond to being put down? What do you want to do when you are oppressed? How do you handle false accusation, wrong judgment, and oppression? We can take instruction from David. He was oppressed relentlessly without any justification. What did he do? He turned to God for vindication and victory.

Transition Statement: When you are oppressed, learn some important principles from the Psalmist.

I. Affirm Who You Are

Explanation: Positionally - Make God's declaration about you your declaration about yourself.. The Psalmist declared his righteousness in v. 1, not because of his deeds, but his faith. He was the physical and spiritual seed of Abraham. He knew his righteousness was because of faith - cf. Genesis 15:6 and Galatians 3:9,11.

Illustration: Citizenship is not determined by how well you fulfill responsibility and accept the privilege of citizenship, but by fact: you have it. You recognize it because the government declares it.

Application: Recognize your righteousness -- God declared it: you affirm it? You are a child of God. Don't roll over and take words or deeds to put you down.

Explanation: Practically - Demonstrate in life what has been declared by lip. The Psalmist demonstrated his value and victory. He resisted turning the way of evil: v. 2 - lips were without deceit; vv. 3b-4 - resisted saying or doing wrong, no retaliation in word or deed. He requested God's grace to continue in the right way of value and victory - v. 5.

Application: Affirm who you are and w ...

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