by Benny Perez

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Jesus Greater than Demons (4 of 7)
Series: Extra Ordinary
Benny Perez
Mark 5:1-20

Jesus has just calmed the wind and the waves, showing He is greater than the natural elements that were facing the disciples. He has now come over the other side and is immediately faced with a man who is demon possessed.

I. The Parties Involved

A. Jesus The Son of God

1. Jesus had crossed over through a storm.
2. Jesus had just calmed the wind and the waves and the disciples were in awe.
3. Jesus had shown himself greater than the elements and now there is an encounter with Spiritual Forces.

B. The man

1. He is unnamed but not unknown.
2. This man is known not for who he is but what has taken him over.
3. This man the Bible says is possessed by an evil spirit: A Demon.
4. He is living in a dead place, both physically and spiritually.

There is about to be a clashing of Kingdom. The Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of darkness.

C. Demons are real. They are fallen angels who rebelled.

1. Jesus dealt with them. Mark 1:32-34
2. Disciples dealt with them. Luke 10:17
3. We will have to deal with them. Mark 16:17

II. The Problem: Demon Possession

A. Demons have limited supernatural powers

1. This man cannot restrain himself nor be restrained by others.
2. He snapped shackles and chains.
3. The demons have supernatural power
4. Demons have intelligence but are not omnipresent or omniscient.

Key Pt: No one was strong enough to subdue him

B. Demons are destructive and try to influence the mind. 2 Cor. 4:4

1. He wandered among the burial caves and howled like an animal.
2. He has lost his mind and now is under complete control of the demons.
3. He is also cutting himself with sharp stones.

Key Pt: Demons hate and want to bring pain and ...

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