by Benny Perez

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Jesus Greater than Demons and Despair (5 of 7)
Series: Extra Ordinary
Benny Perez
Mark 9:14-29

Background: Jesus has just come down from the Mount of Transfiguration. Moses and Elijah appear and began speaking with Jesus. The disciples are in awe of all 3 and want to make shelters for all three. But then a voice speaks ''This is my dearly beloved son. Listen to Him.'' Elijah and Moses are gone and they saw only Jesus.

The Law and Prophets were meant to point to the Greater one and that is Jesus.

I. Crowds Around

A. The Crowd Around

1. There were the other disciples of Jesus
2. A large crowd of people surrounding them
3. Religious people arguing with Jesus' disciples

Key Pt: There are always crowds that are gathering. There is the religious crowd (I believe in God), the regular crowd that is looking at what is going on, and the followers of Jesus that are trying to help.

B. There are always 3 crowds

1. People who don't believe but are just hanging around.
2. Religious people who believe in God but seem to always be arguing.
3. Followers of Jesus who are helping not critiquing problems.

II. What Is The Arguing About?

A. Jesus asks what is the problem

1. When the people see Jesus they run towards him.
2. Jesus presence draws people towards Him not away from Him.

Key Pt: I want a church that continues to value the Presence and Person of Jesus.
Jesus and his Presence is attractive and people want to be where He is.

B. A fathers' Son is Demon Possessed

1. Demons have power over physical bodies
2. Demons can limit communication
3. Demons are destructive and cause damage to a person.
4. Demons are bent on pulling people down.
5. Demons cause pain and agony

Key Pt: The young man has a demon that seizes him. In other words there at times when the young man loses control and is totally taken over by the Spirit.

C. The disciples cannot cast it out.

1. There is an issue that seems to be too big for them
2. This ...

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