by Benny Perez

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We Have Not Heard (7 of 7)
Series: Extra Ordinary
Benny Perez
Acts 19:1-7

Paul is now on his 3rd Missionary trip and is now going through Ephesus and found some believers. He asks them a very important question.

I. Paul Met Some Believers/Disciples v. 1

A. Paul meets these disciples

1. There is now a group of disciples who are followers of Jesus.
2. You cannot be a disciple unless you have first believed in Jesus.

Key Pt: The church does not exist to make decisions but disciples. Disciple's begin with a decision that gives them a new direction.

B. Paul now asks them a very important question.

1. Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?
2. The implication is that you can believe in Jesus but not yet receive the Holy Spirit.
3. They answer We have not even heard that there is a Holy Spirit.

C. Paul asks what Baptism were you baptized into?

1. Into Johns baptism of repentance. - salvation
2. They believed on the one that is to come - Jesus

Key Pt: They are saved by repentance. Believing on the Lord Jesus Christ.

II. Paul Now Takes Them Further v. 5-6

A. They are now water baptized

1. They had experienced the baptism of repentance - salvation.
2. They are getting water baptized according to Matt. 28:19

B. Then they were baptized by the Spirit v.6

1. So we can see 3 distinct baptisms

Baptism of Repentance - We become a new person
Baptism of Water - the old person gets cut off
Baptism of the Spirit - Power to walk in the new

C. We need all three

1. You don't need all three to go to heaven.
2. All you need is to Repent and Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.

Key Pt: To go to heaven all you just need is to get saved!! The other 2 are for your empowerment and to help you bring heaven to earth.

III. Pastor I Have Not Heard…

A. The Holy Spirit Baptizes us into the Body of Christ I Cor.12:13

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