by Claude Thomas

Psalm 150

Introduction: Contemporary man finds God too small. The Psalmist grappled with all of life and concluded God was sufficiently great to provoke praise from all creation.

I. The Great God Perceived, v. 2

Known by expressions of revelation.

Explanation: Psalmist knew about Yaweh -- the different names reveal Psalmist had been told of God's greatness. Recorded in nature.

Illustration: We've been told of the greatness of Thomas Jefferson. We never saw him, but we believe because we've been told, we've seen the record.

Application: We perceive God's greatness in expressions of:
Nature - communicates "God is great."
Testimony - many written and oral testimonies of God's greatness.
Scripture - reveals the greatness of God. The records have been examined more than any other historic document.

Known by experiences of revelation.

Application: We have viewed in nature, listened to testimony, and studies sacred scripture. These are of great value to me. And they have been confirmed in my personal experience. I know Him by expressions of others and I know Him by personal experience.

Explanation: Psalmist saw and heard. Took principles and employed them -- process by which he experienced life with God.

Application: The very best way for you to know how great God is -- is to live life with Him, experience Him!.

II. The Great God Praised

Transition Statement: Psalmist reached summit of mountain chain of Psalms. He heard of the works of God. He saw the mighty acts of God. And he experienced the greatness of the God. Such experience elevated him into the eternal world of praise. He was full of inspiration and enthusiasm. He cries with words aflame, "Praise him, Praise, him, Praise the Lord!" Note the totality of praise of the poet.

Experience: Where do you praise God? Everywhere!
Sanctuary - place where God is worshipped on earth and refers to worship upon the earth.
Firma ...

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