by Jeff Strite

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Get a Clue (3 of 4)
Series: The Games of Life
Jeff Strite
Matthew 5:29-5:30

OPEN: During WWII Nazi Germany believed they could bomb Britain into submission, so over the years they sent 1000s of bombs down upon London and other parts of England and 1000s of English people died. One of Britain's forms of defense was to build bomb shelters. Essentially these were fortified cellars where Britons spent hours each night in fear and boredom. During this terrible time, an English clerk named Anthony E. Pratt developed a game he could play with his friends while they were stuck in those underground bunkers. It was a ''Who Done It'' kind of game that he called ''MURDER!'' And his friends were so delighted by the game that Pratt eventually sold the concept to a British company who renamed it Cluedo.

(We showed a picture of Cluedo on the overhead)
Does that look like any game you've ever played? It should. Parker Bros. bought the game in 1949, and renamed it ''CLUE''.

One website called ''Clue's'' game board one of the 7 COOLEST game boards ever created.

The regular game has 9 different rooms, 6 different suspects and 6 different murder weapons.
The object of the game is to figure out … who done it? WHO did it, WHERE they did it, and WHAT weapon did they use?

When one of the players thinks they've figured out the answer, they'll say
''I believe it was done by Prof. Plum, in the Kitchen, with the Revolver.
OR ''I think it was Mrs. White, in the Ballroom, with the candlestick.
And, of course, the person who guesses correctly is the one who wins.

It's basically it's a ''Who-Done-It'' kind of mystery game.
And of course, every who-done-it needs a victim. Do you know what the victim's name is.
It's ''Mr. Boddy'' (get it, Mr. ''Body''?)

Now, the Bible tells us about an entirely different kind of ''who done it?''
It's a who-d ...

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