by Rex Yancey

Where is Your Treasure?
Rex Yancey
Matthew 6:19-24

I am not into bumper stickers. I wouldn't have one on my truck. However, I do get a kick when I read them on someone else's car. ''Honk if you love Jesus,'' is always a good one. However, if you honk you may get a good cursing. I like the one that read, ''If you love Jesus-tithe. Any fool can honk!''

I think I will create one that says, ''Will work for sheetrock!'' In fact if any of you are in the paint brush business that would be an instant seller on a shirt.

One bumper sticker that represents a philosophy of life read: ''And when we die, the one with the most toys wins.'' That expresses the attitude many people have toward material things. The sum and substance of living is the accumulation of things.

We are surrounded with an ocean of things. All kinds of things-big things and little things. Domestic things, ironing boards and irons, coffee makers, technological things. Palm pilots in our hands and cell phones in our ears. Clothing things, suits, shirts, ties, dresses, shoes.

We have so many things that a lot of people believe it is those things that determine whether or not you are a happy person.

A survey was done on this in 1900. The question was asked ''How many things do you have to have in order to be happy?'' The respondents said you need 72 things to be happy.

In 1950 the same group took the same survey and used the same question. The people said they needed 496 things to be happy.

What if that survey were taken today? We would need lots of things.

Jesus is talking about the accumulation of things. He is not saying it is wrong to have things. 1 Tim. 6:17 says that the living God gives us richly all things to be enjoyed. Our text says ''For your heavenly Father knoweth that ye have need of all these things.''

It is not wrong to have things; it is wrong when things have you. Could I hear a good AMEN!

-He speaks of alternatives heavenly treasures and earthly treasures. ...

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