by Claude Thomas

Psalm 15

Introduction: When we seek to develop friendships with others, we want to know the ground rules -- what is expected of us, and what we can expect of others. In talking about allies on the world scene, ground rules become a very real part of the relationships between nations. The same is true of our friendship with God. In Psalm 15, this matter of friendship is addressed in these terms.

I. Terms of Friendship with God

Application: There is much contemporary interest as well as ancient interest in friendship with God. Many religions reflect the desire to get to know God. And especially how they can remain on good terms with Him. How can a person be assured that he will be accepted by God and allowed to have that on-going relationship with Him? The Psalmist addressed these questions like this:

Explanation: "Who shall abide in Thy tabernacle? "The word "abide" means "sojourn" --it is the position of one who is a guest. The question is, "who is received as a guest? Who is positioned in such a way that God will receive him and allow him to dwell as a friend, guest in His tabernacle?" The next questions is, "Who shall dwell in Thy holy hill?" Who can be a resident of the City of God? Who has free and welcome access to His presence?

Application: Wherever you live, whatever you are doing, wherever you are, you can be assured of being in the presence of God. You don't have to wait to come to church on Sunday to find the presence of God. The person who is the friend of God is the person who lives Monday through Saturday, as well as Sunday, aware of the presence of God. He has an awareness that he lives and moves and has his being in the presence of God.

Illustration: We are living and moving in a bubble. The bubble is the presence of God. Where we go, the presence of God goes. The friend of God lives in His presence.

Application: Friendship of God is living out who you are, not trying to be som ...

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