by Claude Thomas


Introduction: The following is the testimony of a high flier in the circus. "Once you know the net below will catch you, you stop worrying about failure. You actually learn to fall successfully! What I mean is, you concentrate on catching the trapeze swinging toward you and not on falling, because repeated falls in the past have convinced you that the net is strong and reliable when you do fall. The rope in the net hurts only if you stiffen up and resist it. The result of falling and being caught by the net is a mysterious confidence and daring on the trapeze. You fall less. Each fall makes you able to risk more!"

All fall. Mistakes, poor decisions, etc. Stumble in careers, lives. Stumble in convictions, beliefs. Stumble in commitment, relation to Christ. At times of inadequacy, learn the Greatness of the Lord. In your failure, fall into His Greatness.

I. Greatness of God

Explanation: Great to be praised, vv. 1-3.
Greatness to be perpetuated, v. 4.
Greatness to be proclaimed, vv. 5-6.
Greatness of person, vv. 7-9.
This was the experience of the Psalmist.
Greatness experienced, v. 14. "The Lord upholds" - in walk of life. "The Lord raises" - bowed like reed under heat of sun or blast of wind.

Application: We fall because of what we do with life. We are bowed b ...

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