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Ready to Launch (1 of 3)
Series: God and the Rest of the Week
J.D. Greear
Psalm 127

Series Intro:
Family, work, and time management. We ghetto God into a couple of hours on the weekend, but most of Jesus’ parables had a workplace context; 39 of 40 miracles took place in the marketplace!
Read Psalm 127:
Look first at the phrase in vs. 1, "Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain..." In order for a house to endure, God has to build it.

First principle:
1. Love is not enough.
Many parents have what I would call the "Beatles philosophy of parenting:" "All you need is love."
- That’s definitely the most common wisdom today...but I know parents who love their kids off the charts, but they are terrible parents. And their kids reflect that.

- I’m not downplaying love, of course, just telling you that there’s more to it.
- You need the heart of God, yes, but you also need the mind of God. ?
Have you taken this seriously? Have you set about to learn God’s ways in rearing a child? ?
Men, I’d like to talk to you specifically about this. Men, did you know that most (if not all) of the explicit parenting passages in the Bible are written to men? (Ephesians 6; the whole book of Proverbs).
- Yet, what percentage of books on parenting today are written to women? How much study have you, as a man, done?

- Many of you guys show no initiative in your family. You read up, prepare for your job, but your family is on autopilot. If you showed the same initiative in your job you do in your family, you would be fired!

- I’ve said this before, but most guys feel like they are good dads if they provide food and shelter for their families. That’s the standard. "Possums give their offspring food and shelter, is that the bar we want for ?manhood?"1

- Men, our family is our first responsibility before God; our weightiest job; our most important mission field.

2. God grows our children in the twin ‘gardens’ of family and church.
To ...

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