by Claude Thomas


Introduction: The controversial movie "The Last Temptation" was a blasphemous assault on Christ and those who serve, worship, love and long for Him. Why would films such as this be produced at all? Profiteering, probably. But it is more than that. Psalm 14 speaks of the "serpent's brood."

I. Perils of Godlessness

Explanation: The first peril of godlessness is personal rebellion - v. 1a. The fool declares in his heart "there is no God" to justify his life of rebellion!

Illustration: Francis Bacon said in his "Essay on Atheism," that man chooses to live as though there is no God, then intellectually decides there is no God.

Application: The confusion of contemporary elitism is that they move from the head to the heart; that is man's loss! The move is from the heart to the head!

Explanation: The second peril of godlessness is societal collapses - vv. 1b-4. God looked down and saw the wickedness of man!

Application: Standards fall.

Illustration: Lois Mensik, a math teacher in Cooper City, Florida, gave questionnaires to her students asking what aspect of the course they liked most and least. A ninth grade student, Rachel Stibler, used the opportunity to verbally abuse her teacher with vulgar, explosive terminology. She was suspended for 10 days; but when the American Civil Liberties Union took up the cause, they took it to court. In a final decision, the teacher was ruled against, and Rachel's father cheered the decision that her rights had been violated.

Application: Whatever the conclusion regarding the right or wrong of her "rights," the standards of decency fell.

Application: As standards fall, then morality fails. ...

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