by Rex Yancey

Guide into the Unknown
Rex Yancey
Joshua 3:1-5

In April of 1958, I made my profession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. I was baptized a few weeks later in a farm pond with 28 other people. I had no idea then the impact that decision would have on my life.

In October of 1965, I answered God's call to be a preacher of the gospel. Once again, I had no idea how that decision would impact my life.

I asked God for guidance in responding to the gospel invitation. I asked God for guidance in answering his call to ministry. I asked God to give me a helpmate. I have asked God down through these years to lead me where he would have me to go.

In our text today, the wilderness wanderings are about over. Joshua is instructing the people to keep their eye on the Ark of the Covenant that is a little less than half a mile from them. They are to move when it moves.

The Ark of the Covenant was the treasure chest of blessing. It represented the presence of God to the people. Heretofore, they had possession of the Ark in their midst. Now the Ark is out front leading them. It is one thing to possess the presence of God and another thing to follow the presence of God. All Christians possess Jesus Christ. But many Christians do not follow the Lord Jesus Christ into victory. It is not in what they possess but in the position of the possession.

What does it mean to live in victory? Victory is seeing which way God is going and then join him. ''When you see the Ark move, go after it.'' That made the difference in 40 years of wandering in the wilderness and crossing the Jordon into the Promised Land.

They were to follow after the Ark because they had never passed this way before. You have heard me say the Christian life is not like a road map where you can chart where you are going. However, after some years are logged in life, you can look at the map and see where you have been and where God has led you.

As we think about entering a New Year, we need to heed this ...

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