by Claude Thomas

It's Harvest Time
Claude Thomas
Psalm 126

Introduction: Is it true, ''All we ever learn from history is that we never learn from history''? I certainly hope that is never true for us, the people of God. It was not true for the Psalmist. As a matter of fact, I am convinced the experiences of the past can serve as inspiration and instruction for our present and future.

I. Celebrate the plenitude of the past harvest

Explanation: To understand this Psalm, let us identify the environment. It is couched in the celebration of God's people for the recent blessings experienced. The setting could be that of a pilgrim who has completed the pilgrimage to Jerusalem. He looks back to the day when the possibility of going to Jerusalem was like a dream -- and he says so to his fellow-pilgrims. The dream had become reality. Or it could have been the captives returning from Babylon.

Now the people celebrate, v. 2a. The nations confess God has done great things for them, v. 2b, 3a. They celebrate God's great blessings!

Transition Statement: Part of our purpose today is to celebrate the great things God has recently done for us, to us, and through us! We certainly have cause to celebrate.

Transition Statement: With the Psalmist, we celebrate, but like the Psalmist we will not let the memory of the past slip into a slumbering nostalgia, but allow the past to give an impetus to confidence for the future and present. This confidence is expressed in two images which compel us to . . .

II. Commit to the promise of the present harvest

Illustration: B. Tisdale,missionary, upon returning from the Philippines, lifted his eyes and saw, and said ''it's harvest time in Texas.''

Application: The time of the harvest is now!

Explanation: Jesus saw Samaritans coming from the village and saw in them a harvest already white!

Illustration: We live in a world with billions of lost people. Texas has millions of lost people.

Application: The opportunity, the harvest ...

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