by Jeff Schreve

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The God of Glory (2 of 4)
Series: Experience His Glory, Living in the Awe of God's Presence
Jeff Schreve
Exodus 34:1-9

I think we would all agree that modern technology is really an amazing thing, and it's really a wonderful thing and a great thing. So many of us, we kind of take for granted the things that we can do today that we couldn't do ten, twenty, thirty, forty years ago. Now one of the things, a little thing, a minor thing, has to do with a program that came out some time ago called Photoshop. Photoshop and its derivatives allow you to take a photograph and do all kinds of things to that photograph. So I want us to play a little game this morning. It's a game where we're going to look at some photographs of some famous people, but they've been altered in Photoshop. They've been distorted. And I'm going to show you the distortion, and I want you to see if you can guess who that person is.

Let's look at the first one. Anybody know? Anybody venture a guess? I don't even know, and I came up with it. Okay, let's see. That's Rachel McAdams. You remember Rachel McAdams? She's a very famous actress. She didn't look so good in the previous slide. How about this one? (laughter). That is Arnold Schwarzenegger (laughter). Looks a lot better there. How about this one? (laughter). Sandra Bullock. It looks like Sandra Bullock, but it is actually Kate Beckinsell. You're not doing very well at this game, are you? How about this one? it's Jimmy Fallon. All right. How about

this one? Now this lady, you wouldn't believe it, but she is very, very beautiful, and that is the ESPN announcer, Erin Andrews. I think we have one more (laughter). It's not E.T., although it looks like him (laughter). It's Patrick Stewart. You know, did anyone get any of those right? No! Nobody got any of them right. Why? Oh, somebody did. All right (laughter). Well, for illustration purposes, nobody got any of them right (laughter). And this is why: Because the picture was so distorted, how ...

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