by Claude Thomas

Getting Help in Life
Claude Thomas
Psalm 121

Introduction: At every stage of life, we are faced with perplexities and problems The journey of life is waylaid with potential difficulties. In the pilgrimage along the pathway of life, we face many kinds of challenges.

The Psalmist of Psalm 121 was on a journey. He was traveling to Jerusalem to worship. This is one of several Psalms the pilgrims sang on their way to Jerusalem.

In this particular Psalm, there is the assurance of help along the way. How did he come to this assurance? And of more personal interest to you and me is the question ''How can I get help?'' The answer is found in Psalm 121. If you are going to find help in the journey of life, then ...

I. Admit You Need Help - v. 1

Application: To do this, you have to deal with a thing called pride! You know that attitude that says, ''Please ... I can handle it myself!'' All of us have some of this. And rather than leading us to help, it leads us straight into trouble.

Illustration: Men, we know about this when it comes to using maps and following directions. While traveling, she asks, ''Honey, do you want me to check the map? I think we turn pretty soon.'' What does he say? ''Naw, I've got it.'' Twenty minutes later after he has taken a new route, he finally says, ''I guess you can look at that map now, I suppose I could use some help.''

Transition Statement: Let's begin by admitting it! We all need help. the Psalmist did.

Explanation: Verse 1 - ''I will lift up my eyes unto the hills ...'' His attention was fixed on the mountains. Mountains were:

1) places of worship - Moriah, Jerus,
2) places of refuge and relaxation
3) places of danger and disasters - robbers roamed, wild animals made their home, there were treacherous trails and terrain.

In danger and difficulty, what did the Psalmist say? ''Where does my help come from?'' He recognized his need for help. He did not deny or ignore it.

Application: All of us need help. A ...

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