by Ernest Easley

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Advancing on our Knees - Part 2 (2 of 4)
Series: Prayer
Ernest L. Easley
Matthew 14:13-23

We're thinking these Sunday nights as we begin this new-year about advancing! The dictionary defines the word ''advance'' to move or bring forward in position. To ''advance'' means to aid the growth or progress of, to further; to raise in rank or to promote. To ''advance'' speaks of making progress, to improve, to grow.

Last Sunday night we were thinking about our church's ministry and how we need to advance this year, not retreat. It will require our leadership and membership working together to advance our ministry.

After worship last Sunday night a member came up to me with an advancing idea and said ''Pastor, I'll contribute $1000.00 to help! And if you need more, just let me know.'' With that spirit, 2015 is going to be the year of advancing!

What areas in our life need advancing this year? What areas need: progress, to improve, to grow? If you were asked to name three areas in your life tonight that need advancing this year, what would they be?

All right. I'm asking. I'm asking you to write down the first three areas in your life, that come to mind; areas that need advancing this year. Areas that need to make some progress, areas that need improving and growing.

You say, ''I'm drawing a blank.'' All right, let me help you get started.

My spiritual life.
My knowledge of the word of God.
My marriage.
My parenting skills.
My lack of generosity.
My career.
My financial security.

Three areas in your life that need to grow this year. Three areas in your life that need to make some progress, to advance!

All right. Do you have them? Have you written them down? Now look at them. I mean, really look at them. Are you looking at them?

Now look up here? How are you going to make that happen? Listing them is one thing; but seeing advancement this year is something different. You can attempt advancing in those three areas of your life in one of tw ...

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