by Jerry Watts

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The New Journey Begins (1 of 4)
Series: Fresh Start
Jerry Watts
Jeremiah 29:11; Matthew 16:18-19; Matthew 28:19-20; John 20:21; Acts 1:8

Last week I announced the title of this message might be ''A Call to Arms.'' Some might say this title is over the top, but when I look around and see our country, culture, community, and even our churches, my conviction is that this call I pray is not too late. A ''Call to Arms'' is a call to take every weapon at your disposal, every resource you have, and engage in the battle. Sadly, the church has had it so easy for so long, that many inside the church do not see the battle that we are in a battle at all. There is no more danger than to find yourself in the middle of a war and not recognize or acknowledge that the battle is raging. Is it any wonder that we are losing the war for the hearts of people, both unchurched and church people? Is it any wonder that God's people are losing their righteous influence in community after community? Many still have influence in their community, but use it for other things than to point the community back to the truth of the Bible.

The call of every church member, Christ follower, and church, is to take up the gospel and engage in the battle between darkness and light. And this is indeed a battle! Just look around and observe.

Human logic suggests that darkness has the upper hand. It appears to have more people, more earthly resources, and appeals to the scores and the masses. However, those who choose the side of light has a superior and supreme commander. We must open our eyes and see that this battle is raging in America and the World. Every time you read a paper or watch the news, it slaps you!

The church, as envisioned by our Lord Jesus Christ, is both the offensive and defensive weapon which he chooses to use on earth. Jesus came to establish the church, He lived to empower the church, He died to enable the church, and one day He shall return to embrace the church as His ...

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